Malekko are one of the most innovative pedal manufacturers around today. With a small stable of products, their quality and performance are up there with the best. One of the most highly anticipated releases was this one above: The Ekko 616 Analog Delay. This small footprint pedal provided everything a classic modulation delay could do – subtle chorus to wild vibratos, 600ms of analog delay, and selectable buffered or true-bypass all running off 9V.

However upon release, a small number of units had incorrect parts that produced a heavy distorted repeat signal and a smaller regeneration range leading to fast oscillation. Although the problem was quickly fixed for future production runs, a small number still contain this incorrect parts.

I fixed this one for a local Sydney guitarist after contacting Josh at Malekko. He has sent me kits to repair any other malfunctioning 616′s for anyone in Australia/New Zealand. If you do have a faulty 616, drop me or Josh an email and I can offer this repair free of charge.

Once fixed, the pedal was back to its finest, with smooth warm decays and haunting modulation - a serious contender as best analog delay on the market. Stay tuned in 2010 for the Ekko 919… this Ekko’s big brother. Here is a demo of the Malekko Ekko 616 Analog Delay, courtesy of Pro Guitar Shop:


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