Diamond Guitar Pedals, from Halifax, Canada, are an example of the awesome guitar effects builders coming from the land of True North Strong and Free. Again, reputation precedes them, having released a number of outstanding designs led by the desirable Memory Lane Delay pedal. Having created a number of excellent modulation designs, such as the Halo Chorus and Tremolo, it is no surprise that this Fireburst Fuzz/Distortion retains the same complex tones and flawless design.

I picked this one up from Dave at Bondi Guitar and Sound Gallery. He has an excellent collection of pedals in hos store and this one was no exception. After repairing a sticky switch, I couldn’t help but admire the PCB layout; all of the components neatly aligned, trimmed and taut wiring, clearly the work of an obsessive-compulsive personality :)

The build quality really matches the design as low-end driver morphs from a complex fuzz to tight distortion with a literal flick of a switch. The mid-boost switch fills out the frequency spectrum tapered by the Baxandall Bass/Treble tone stack. It really fills in the lower and upper mids, and provides great harmonics reminiscent of a full, thick distortion. I really admire the thought behind this design proving great ideas provide great tone.

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