This Brooklyn Overdrive comes from the good people at Frantone Electronics. The line of Frantone pedals have a great rep of good fuzz design and construction with something unique that sets them apart from the other fuzz makers. Frantone pedals have a commonality and consistent sound to them – a flavour that can be heard from pedals such as the Hepcat, Peach Fuzz and this overdrive, the Brooklyn.

Frantone are now a company dealing with custom-ordered pedals, boosting the value of older pedals such as the Brooklyn. I received this one dead after the wrong power supply fried a few components. Opening it up, the internal build is excellent with a great relay switching design. After replacing the said components, the pedal roared back to life.

For an overdrive, it definitely has a lot of fuzz gain on tap – reminiscent of the Skreddy Screwdriver Overdrive. This overdrive, like the Skreddy, sounds as though its lineage has evolved from the Big Muff design, especially the interaction of the tone stack. But this pedal is very touch-sensitive and responds beautifully to the dynamic changes with pickup selection. It can be a clean, open boost or a rich, complex fuzz with loads of volume to boot. This one’s a keeper!

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