This is a custom pedal that I built that was based on the Univibe – a foot-controlled phase shifter that can produce “chorus and vibrato-esque” effects. However, the pedal has its own distinct modulation sound that has been immortalised by guitar legends such as Robin Trower, David Gilmour and Jimi Hendrix. It can be smooth and subtle to throbbing and percussive – enough to make you seasick after awhile!

This layout and PCB (called the Neovibe) was designed by DIY pedal guru, R.G. Keen who started GEOFEX, is an active member of DIY Stompboxes and now works for Visual Sound. The design is centered around a lamp as the light source that responds to a staggered phase stages, with photosensitive resistors responding to the amplitude of the lamp brightness. The pedal involves making a light shield to optimise the response of the photosensitive resistors by placing the lamp in a dark, contained area. The use of the lamp – the core of the traditional, vintage Univibe – provides a lagging, spongy latency that is unique compared to other modulation pedals like chorus and vibrato. For the tech heads, Keen has written an excellent article on The Technology of the Univibe.

This Neovibe has standard Volume and Depth controls on top, with a Chorus/Vibrato switch between them. To emulate the foot control without an expression pedal, the larger speed knob was placed on the side allowing the rate of throb to be controlled on the fly. Check out the demo at the bottom of the page.

Chris Tamm aka Konsumterra has been involved in street art for nigh 20 years with paste, stickers, stencils and character art. Originally from Adelaide, Chris is currently in Sydney working as a street art teacher, curator and artist. Most of Konsumterra’s work is a parody of consumerism and a celebration of low pop and trash culture.

Check out his work at

Below is a demo of the Neovibe.
Clip Details: Fender Stratocaster > MI Audio Blues Pro Overdrive >Neovibe > Marshall JCM600
MI Audio Blues Pro kicked on halfway through.
Recording: SM57 > Mbox2 > Logic Pro

Neovibe by cubisteffects

…and here is a demo from the Neovibe’s new owner


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  1. Kris says:

    Rad! looks so pretty as well. If you want to put your cubisteffects logo on my OD please go ahead, I would love to show off we I got my pedal modded


  2. Guitar Jar says:

    Awesome pedal you got here. Do you have many shipments/orders to the UK?

  3. cubisteffects says:

    Hi GuitarJar,
    Unfortunately this was a one-off although I have had a lot of interest for more. Maybe one day when I have more time I might make a batch of ten for those interested.

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