After working on my cubisteffects Four Headed RAT modifications, I got this ProCo BRAT pedal in to see if I could modify the pedal in the same way. The BRAT was introduced as a cheaper version of the RAT, containing momentary plastic switch with FET switching, input/output buffers, different tone circuit to the RAT’s Filter circuit, and designed for high throughput manufacturing. The pedal sounded a bit thin and lacked the sustain of its big brother.

So I modded this BRAT in the same vein as the Four Headed RAT mods -  changed the capacitors to hi-fi grade WIMAs, tweaked the buffer circuitry, added a DC jack and a two-way switch to approximate the sounds of Mode 2 and Mode 3 of the Four Headed RAT.

What eventuated was a pedal that now sounded like a true RAT, and more. The pedal become more open sounding with improved clarity and attack in overdrive mode, and the distortion mode had thick harmonic sustain for days. The pedal was also able to clean up better with the guitar’s volume knob to go from a gritty low gain drive to screaming high gain crunch. Not bad for a pink pedal :)


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