One of my all-time favourite effects pedals is the Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man analog delay. I have yet to find a delay (for me) that can beat that rich, analog warmth found in those bucket brigade chips. The dark, slurring oscillations, and warbling chorus and vibrato put the icing on the cake. This ad from 1977 I think shows the introduction of a pedal to the market that would change preconceptions of effects pedals forever.

I have owned a few of these, and fixed a few as well, and have watched with interest the launch of the new line of Electro Harmonix “Memory” analog delays. These include a more compact Deluxe Memory Man, a Deluxe Memory Boy, a Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai, a small Memory Toy and this pedal shown above, the Memory Boy.

The most interesting part of the Memory Boy’s features is the option for expression pedal. It allows you to control either the delay time, or rate of modulation, by foot on the fly. This feature, coupled with the insane modulation, changes the standard analog delay to a delay experimenter’s dream. However, a lot of musicians do not wish to use an expression pedal, or have it take up valuable pedal board real estate, so the cubisteffects Expression Mod aims to fix that.

The modification of the Memory Boy involves two changes;

  1. A small potentiometer is placed to the left side of the pedal and is equipped with a chunky knob that can be rolled back and forth with your foot – just like an expression pedal.
  2. The pedal’s circuitry is tweaked to provide wilder modulation sounds and for oscillation to be easily controlled using the Expression Mod.

What is now left is a pedal that can produce a number of unorthodox sounds by changing the rate of modulation or delay, and also a much more flexible and controllable delay. Check out the demo below for some examples of what the modded Memory Boy can do…

Details for the video demo of the cubisteffects Memory Boy Expression Mod
Clip Details: Hamer Flying V > cubisteffects modded Memory Boy > Marshall JCM600
Recording: SM57 > Mbox2 > Logic Pro


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  1. Hello Christian. I just checked this out today.. great mod on the Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy! Looks clean.. just like all of your mods!


  2. cubisteffects says:

    Cheers Hank. Thanks for the Effects Bay post too!

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