This monster of a pedal is a bastard child – two rehoused effects and an original circuit, each circuit bent to hell to give a wide range of crazy sounds.

The first pedal is a Danelectro Sitar Swami, a flanger that has an octave down to simulate the drone of a sitar. The controls are LEVEL and EQ, which sweeps the peak frequency from the bass to treble range. The Sitar Swami has three circuit bends – one that self-oscillates the PT delay chip, one that creates a feedback loop before the delay line and another that interrupts the repeat rate of the delay chip.

The second is a Boss T-Wah – a “touch” or auto-wah that has a two-way up/down filter switch, SENSITIVITY and PEAK. This also has been circuit bent to create two different notch boosts that adds some drive to the signal as well.

The third is a cubisteffects oscillating fuzz circuit. A wild and diverse fuzz that can give you anything from gated, static sounds, to garage-rock 60′s fuzz to oscillating madness. Turning the level knob to max sets the oscillation mode into overdrive and can then be used as a standalone noisemaker. Add the swami and some T-Wah filter and circuit bends and this thing gets crazy real quick.


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