The Line 6 M-Series Stompbox Modelers are the next incarnation of multi-effects from the makers of the DL4 Delay and other XX-4 modelers. The Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler has become a modern stompbox classic, with it being featured on many musicians pedalboards, like solo performers such as Reggie Watts to the multiple DL4 setup of Minus The Bear guitarist Dave Knudson.

The Line 6 M-Series takes the 100+ models from the DL4 delays, MM4 modulations, FM4 synths/filters, DM4 distortions and reverbs from the ToneCore Verbzilla to provide every effect any musician would want, and need. The range features three models, the monolithic M13, the DL4-sized M9 and the small M5. For those familiar with the original XX-4 series, you will jump straight into the M-Series, but new users will find the pedal easy to navigate. I have found a way to add my popular DL4 modifications into the M-Series and have done so first with the M5.

Two of the most popular mods I offer on the Line XX-4 series are an Expression Mod and Feedback Mod. I was able to put both of these mods into a breakout box for a mod I call the Feedback Box Mod.

The Expression Mod utilises the Expression Pedal functionality that many users don’t capitalise on. The mod allows you to save a heel-down and toe-down setting for each preset. If you have a Tube Echo, for example, you can increase the drive, and repeats at toe-down to shoot the echoes into self-oscillation. Or if you have the Rotary Drum model, you can control the speed of the horn for a subtle sound to a fast Leslie tone.

The Feedback Mod involves re-routing the output of the Modeler back into the input, and the new output selected by a switch on the breakout box. This is a feedback loop, and causes spontaneous bursts of noise, squeals, oscillations, drones – all unique depending on the modeler selected. This modification is definitely for the more adventurous musician, but with every effect, the feedback can be used subtly by adjusting the BLEND and INTENSITY knobs on the breakout box. Also, the feedback can be controlled via the pickup selector and volume controls of your guitar.

Having the two mods in the one box enables a wealth of experimental sounds from long, feedbacking reverbs, to resonant ring modulators, to static-like short decaying fuzzes. The experimenting is up to you with over 100 models to try!

Below is a demo of the Feedback Box mod for the Line 6 M5.

Clip Details: Hamer Flying V> cubisteffects modded Line 6 M5 Feedback Box Mod > MI Amplification Megalith Beta
Recording: SM57 in front of MI Amplification 4×12 (Custom MI Eminence Wizards) > Mbox2 > Logic Pro 9



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