Sound Summit is an annual conference for independent artists, labels and people keen to explore and support brilliant, independent music from Australia and abroad. Held in Newcastle since 2000, the festival over the October long weekend sees panels, discussions, workshops and lots of live performers and bands who take on an experimental approach to their craft. This year the festival is headlined by MONO (Jpn), Moon Duo (USA) and Wet Hair (USA) and a long list of excellent Australian bands.

Last year I was proud to put on a wild fuzz pedal building workshop, and in 2011, cubisteffects is coming back for TWO workshops!!

This year I’ll be doing a workshop called D.I.Y ELECTRONICS.  This workshop/demonstration aims to show the DIY musician how to apply simple electronics know-how and a box of everyday items to make playing/recording interesting. The workshop is for everyone, especially those who have never soldered before. A basic introduction to soldering will be given as well how to create basic hand-made instruments. Learn how to make and repair basic cables that always seem to break at the most inconvenient time. Microphones will be made out of random toys and objects. See how to make contact mics from simple piezo transducers, and some pre-amp ideas to boost your weak signals. Also, learn the basics of circuit-bending. Bring along a toy, let’s crack it open and see what noise can be had!

The second workshop  will involve creating your very own basic CMOS MINI SYNTHESIZER from one CMOS chip. Learn the basics of analog synthesis, and how to unlock a wealth of oscillations and drones using these cheap and easy-to-find IC chips. At the conclusion of the workshop, you will walk away with a dual oscillator squelch machine that would make Bob Moog proud! Super limited capacity, so first in best dressed. A setup much like the pedal workshop of 2010, this time a small droning noisemaker. I will be putting up a video soon of the little beast on my Facebook page for those interested.

Program details and (small) costs for the workshops will soon be up on Follow them on Facebook for the latest news, announcements and cubisteffects workshop details.

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