Due to the popularity of the modifications I offer, I have had to restructure the pricing and procedure for repair work. Below are some instructions if you are interested in getting your pedal repaired:

  1. If you a question regarding a pedal repair, please send me an email describing what the problem is. If I am confident I can fix it, I will send you my postage and bank details.
  2. A bench fee of $40 is to be paid upfront before the pedal is looked at. This includes one hour labour involved in diagnosing any faults and problems, and fixing the problem. If I am unable to repair the pedal, the charge still applies. If multiple pedals are sent, there is an additional $20 fee per pedal.
  3. Any additional specific parts are not included in the $40 bench fee and may be charged after the repair. Any additional parts will be quoted at time of repair.
  4. If the pedal is able to be repaired within the hour of paid labour, the bench fee will be the only cost to you.
  5. Return postage is covered in the fee, unless the package is greater than 2 kg.


Below are the prices for each individual modification. Discounts are given if multiple modifications are done. Please email me for a discounted price if you would like more than one mod.